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Member Spotlight

Tennessee Three University
Responding to the great diploma drought of the 1890's, a trio of future- minded woodsmen stepped forward and opened Tennessee Three University.  From its humble beginnings in a shed next to a still, Tennessee Three has grown to
become one of America's most respected fake colleges.  Known not only for academics, "Tenn Three" is a football powerhouse.  Its fighting Nutcrackers are six time All-Mill Champions.
Carotina Coast University
The 1960's brought unparalleled demand for college diplomas. Compelled to do his part for the dissemination of knowledge, lifeguard and Outer Banks bon vivant Jimmy Crabtree devised a scheme to satisfy the throng of tourists always
searching for "skin".  From this action plan and with the credo "Learn don't burn," Carotina Coast University was born.  Originally located in a weatherworn shack next to a surf shop, the school quickly became the major concern it is today.  Are you a "C Coast" graduate?  Please show support for your alma mater by making a fake $100 donation.
Big America College
A decade later in the 70's, as America's test scores dropped like pet rocks and its brightest students became charac- terized more by polyester than intellect, a collegial band of Barstow, CA bikers resolved to address what was for them

"No problem, man."  Thus, Big America College began.  From its no-frills start at an out of the way gas station, "Big A" evolved through several avenues and rapidly reached its place at the crossroads.  Quite the force in football, each year its Super Splay Eagles take on rival Tenn Three in the popular Bogus Bowl.
Verified University
As the 70's drew to an end malaise filled the land.  Confidence in institutions, especially fake ones, hit an all time low.  Never a fan of wallowing and whining, Texas schoolapreneur Donald Denny decided it was time to cowboy up.  With

the 1980 launch of his innovative Just Say Yes Verification Service, Denny's Rawhide University tripled its enrollment and zoomed to the top of ShadowWeek magazine's phony college rankings.  After Rawhide's IPO in 1996, the school was renamed Verified University.  Don is still around today.  He invites you to graduate Verified and avail yourself of his award winning degree documentation service.
IAFU Honors Program
As you know IAFU cares deeply about your educational profile.  So much so we've established a fake scholastic honor society for you to "join" and brag about on your resume.  Program highlights:
• Automatic qualification
• No fees
• No dues
• No baked chicken banquets
• Free membership certificate
Click here to join now.
Lucky U
IAFU is expanding its ranks by one (1) institution.
Of the many schools seeking membership we've reduced the field to an even ten (10).  However, from here we need your assistance.
Please help IAFU decide who gets admitted by opening an official ballot and casting your vote.

Assistance for Struggling Students

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In case it is not otherwise apparent, "International Association of Fake Universities (IAFU)" is a humor website.  Similarities between names used and names of actual universities are for satiric purpose.  All documents are presented for their novelty value alone.