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You U Terms and Conditions

By submitting a You U name for approval you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions and to all future amendments to these terms and conditions.

1- By submitting your You U name you are engaging services of BoxFreeConcepts.

2- All fees are nonrefundable.

3- You U name submission procedure- Your You U name will be reviewed by BoxFreeConcepts for its permissibility.  This review will normally be completed within two business days.  Fee payment does not guarantee You U name approval.

If your You U name is approved, you will be notified by email, usually within two business days.  

Your You U name will then appear on the Internet in two ways: a) as one of a number of You U names available for inclusion in Division One Gold Conference fake diplomas (; b) as an entry in the IAFU Division One Gold Conference Directory (  Inclusion of your You U name will normally occur within one additional business day, or within three total business days after submission.

If your You U name is not approved, you will be notified of such by email.  This notification will normally occur within two business days of your submission.  As a rule, the email message will include 1 or more substitutions for the You U name you submitted.  BoxFreeConcepts will accept the substitution(s).  If you are satisfied with a substitution and reply to the email message within 15 days BoxFreeConcepts will process your substituted You U name.  Alternatively, you can reply to the email and resubmit a different You U name.  If you choose to submit a new name you must also do so within the 15 days.  

If your second name is approved, you will be notified by email and your You U name will be processed according to the guidelines for first time approval.  

If your second You U name is not approved, you will be notified by email.  Your fee will not be refunded.  You can then submit another name, but must go through the new order process and pay the normal fee.

4- You U name approval criteria- BoxFreeConcepts will generally approve a You U name that consists of words combined with "University", "College", "Institute", "Academy", "School" or "Tech"  except BoxFreeConcepts will not approve You U names that include blatant profanity, exactly duplicate the name of a real institution, exactly duplicate any name already listed on or, exceed 45 characters total (including "University", "College", "Institute", "Academy", "School" or "Tech", spaces, and punctuation), infringe on a copyright, or are illegal or libelous.  Additionally, words cannot be in all capital letters or use characters not common to the English language.  Generally accepted abbreviations can be included in You U names. 

5- BoxfreeConcepts' use of your You U name- BoxFreeConcepts has the non-exclusive right to use your You U name in conjunction with fake diplomas and any other product or service offered now or in the future by or   BoxFreeConcepts maintains this right for as long as your You U name is listed on the and/or  BoxFreeConcepts may issue any products or services bearing your You U name for free.  Additionally, at its sole discretion and without notice, BoxFreeConcepts may decide to sell for a price any of these products or services.

6- Ownership of your You U name- BoxFreeConcepts does not claim a copyright of your You U name. 

7- BoxFreeConcepts' right to revenue collected on its websites- BoxFreeConcepts has the exclusive right to all revenue collected on or by and/or

8- Your right to use your You U name on the Internet- You can use and promote your You U name on the web away from and  You can copy the computer code for "Instant University" contained at and install it on web site(s) controlled by you and related to your You U name.  As described in the "Instant University" instructions you can alter the "Instant University" computer code to include your You U name.  You can email You U "announcements" as outlined on  You can link to the You U diploma generator or to other publicly accessible document generators appearing on or You cannot copy, load, modify, or reengineer these generators, in whole or in part, on another website.

9- Your right to remove your You U name from the and websites- You can at any time request removal of your You U name from and/or  Your You U will be removed within 15 business days of such request.  

10- You are not entitled to any refund of fees paid if your You U name is removed at your request or is otherwise removed by or from or

11- Other rights reserved by BoxFreeConcepts- BoxFreeConcepts reserves the exclusive right to immediately, without notice or penalty and for any reason do the following: remove any You U name from and/or; relocate within these websites or otherwise change any listing of any You U name; reassign the order in which You U names are listed; change the method by which You U names are listed; change the design, availability, price, functionality, delivery, ownership or other aspects of any of its products and services; create, modify or delete any promotional, editorial or graphical content on its website; create, purchase or promote new products and services. 

BoxFreeConcepts reserves the right to change, add to, or delete features of its You U program.  Additionally, BoxFreeConcepts has the right, solely at its discretion, to combine the You U program with one or more other programs, to change the name of the You U program, and to end the You U program without notice.  The acceptance of your You U name into the You U program is not a guarantee of a permanent listing on or

12- You agree to indemnify and hold BoxFreeConcepts harmless from any claim or demand, including attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of or, your use of these websites' products or services, or your violation of any rights of another.

13- In no instance shall BoxFreeConcepts' liability for its You U program exceed the amount of the program fee.

14- BoxFreeConcepts is not responsible for the submission of incorrect email addresses.  When a YouU name is submitted together with an invalid or incorrect email address and the YouU name fails to meet approval criteria, BoxFreeConcepts reserves the right to approve and include on its websites a substitute YouU name of its choosing.

15- BoxFreeConcepts is not responsible for any typographical errors in school names.

16- BoxFreeConcepts is not responsible for providing any equipment, paper or supplies necessary to print announcements, diplomas or other documents.

17- BoxFreeConcepts is not responsible for providing any computer or internet software necessary to view or use any part of its website or any computer files it distributes.

18- BoxFreeConcepts is not responsible for website downtime or other technical problems caused by its web hosts or other factors beyond its control.  

19- BoxFreeConcepts will attempt to provide reasonable technical support via email for matters relating directly to You U names accepted for fees.  This support is on a first come first served, as is basis and is not guaranteed to occur nor guaranteed to solve any particular problem.   

20- BoxFreeConcepts may from time to time, and solely at its discretion, provide various promotional support for its You U program.  This promotion may include listing You U names on additional web pages, fictional write-ups or You U seal creation and posting.  BoxFreeConcepts reserves the right to list, describe, and graphically depict all You U names appearing on its websites as it sees fit.

21- You can submit for the fee and own as many You U names as you like, but each You U name must be ordered individually.

22- BoxFreeConcepts is not responsible for any order processing mistakes made by its customers through their use of

23- BoxFreeConcepts is not responsible for any customer's failure to correctly follow the YouU order procedures.

24- There is no warranty or guarantee to BoxFreeConcepts' You U program.  BoxFreeConcepts assumes no responsibility for the functionality of any software, HTML code or computer files offered by it in conjunction with this program.

25- The fee for this program is subject to change without notice.

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