Announcements of New Gold Conference Schools
There are two ways to announce the opening of your new school 
  • Personal greeting 
  • Press release
Create a personal greeting
To create a personal greeting announcing the naming of a college in someone's honor
  • Activate greeting maker
  • Enter information and generate greeting
  • Print greeting, or copy and paste to an email message

These greetings are marvelously clever "gift tags".  They are sure to please and amaze anyone lucky enough to receive one.
Create a press release
To create a press release announcing the accreditation of your college 
  • Activate press release maker
  • Submit your school's name
  • Print press release, or copy and paste to email messages

Besides CNN and The New York Times, be sure to contact smaller news outlets.
The more you include, the more likely your school will receive the attention it richly deserves.
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