To beta test the Flying Fake University Certificate:

Print this page.  Generate a Master of Science degree from Rocket College.  Print diploma on rear.  (Note: Forget the diploma froufrou.  Rocket scientists hate froufrou-- besides it won't fit the payload).

Now you're ready for the construction phase.  Neatly cut the outer edges of your ship.  Hold it in front of you (rocket side up with the A sections at the bottom).  Fold the A sections under; crease.  Next fold the B sections under; crease.  Then fold the C sections under; crease.  At this point, fold in half with yellow on outside; crease.   Finally, make wings by folding back one side and then the other (fold back at edges of the yellow section); crease.

Wow!  You're all done and have definitely earned your stripes as a scientist from Rocket College!  

Thanks again for participating in the beta test.  Have fun with your Flying Fake University Certificate, but remember, never aim rockets at dogs or small children.



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