AAAardvark University
AAAardvark University offers bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees to individuals meeting the Standard Graduation Criteria of the International Association of Fake Universities (IAFU).
Whatever your academic interest you'll find AAAardvark delivers.  We feature programs in fifty-five different fields of study.  Each is fully sanctioned by IAFU, and each carries the weight and prestige of the
world's first fake university.

If all that wasn't enough, you'll find everything you "study" at AAAardvark is very easy.  To demonstrate this we've calculated "Effort-dex" scores for each of our majors.  Below are the values at regular schools and those at AAAardvark.  Also shown are the savings in time and trouble we provide.

Effort-dex  by major and institution
Scale = 0 (easy) to 100 (hard)

Major Regular schools AAAardvark Savings
Accounting 28.34709 0.00000 28.34709
Anesthesiology 76 0 76
Anthropology 18 0 18
Archeology 30 0 30
Architecture  40 0 40
Art History 20 0 20
Astronomy 35 0 35
Biology 39 0 39
Cardiology 95 0 95
Chemistry 45 0 45
Civil Engineering 46 0 46
Communications 2 0 2
Computer Science  35 0 35
Criminal Justice 6 0 6
Dental Hygiene 5 0 5
Economics 10 0 10
Electrical Engineering 47 0 47
Elementary Education -5 0 -5
Finance 27 0 27
French 30 0 30
General Studies 1 0 1
Geology 30 0 30
German 32 0 32
Gynecology 80 0 80
History 25 0 25
Home Economics 2 0 2 + warm cookie
Industrial Engineering 34 0 34
Journalism 6 0 6
Library Science 10 0 10
Literature 15 0 15
Management 6 0 6
Marketing 6 0 6
Mathematics 50 0 50
Mechanical Engineering 38 0 38
Meteorology 28 0 28
Military Science 19 0 19
Music 27 0 27
Neurology 80 0 80
Nursing 24 0 24
Oceanography 31 0 31
Ophthalmology 80 0 80
Pathology 72 0 72
Pediatrics 75 0 75
Philosophy 11 0 11
Physical Education 7 0 7
Physical Therapy 2 0 2
Physics 43 0 43
Political Science 5 0 5
Psychiatry * * *
Psychology 15 0 15
Sociology 5 0 5
Spanish 24 0 24
Special Education  2 0 2
Urology 75 0 75
Zoology 22 0 22
*We're conflicted on this
Criminal Justice
Industrial Engineering
Dental Hygiene


Library Science
Art History
Electrical Engineering
Elementary Education
Physical Education
Bottom line, our policies virtually guarantee one the degree of one's choice with no fuss, muss or bother.  In addition, through the facilities of our affiliated on-line documents publisher, we issue high-quality diplomas, transcripts and letters of recommendation completely free of charge.  We urge you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to enhance your educational profile.  Why spend hundreds and wait weeks?  Click here now to graduate.

AAAardvark news and notes

Meet Dean of Students, Dr. Gene Greene.  Some of us call him Mean Gene.  Some of us call him Lean Gene.  But none of us call him undedicated.

An AAAardvark student center?

Yes, we've been contemplating this for
quite a while.
Further explanation

-- NOTICE --
In case it is not otherwise apparent, "AAAardvark University" is a humor website.  All documents are presented for their novelty value alone.

Meet Barbara Simpson, MD, Irving K. Norris Distinguished Professor of Endocrinology.  Now, you may have noticed that endocrinology is not offered at AAAardvark. Well, that doesn't bother Barb and it doesn't bother us either.

Then and now

Diplomas originated in ancient Greece.  Back then they were simply pieces of paper folded in half.  With a little wrist action, Plato had his closet full.

To the Romans, the concept was a little different. To them, diplomas were

reference letters.  Again, not hard to come by because writing was new and fun and people looked for any excuse to jot something.

Diplomas only started becoming difficult to obtain in 1939.  That's when MGM planted the notion that Dorothy's friend, the Scarecrow, could be transformed into a know-it-all merely by getting one.  After that, demand skyrocketed and all kinds of red tape sprang up.

Our goal at AAAardvark is to return you to Plato's time.  So, when you push that button, remember you're not just getting an instant degree, you're emulating a great philosopher.

Max Garish School of Design

One or the other

At last you've been admitted to the phony college you long dreamed about, namely AAAardvark. You begin your freshman second anxious to show your brilliant intellect.

Unfortunately, something goes terribly wrong.  Bogus high school was a slam dunk, but now everything seems a challenge.  What is happening?

It's one of two things.  Either a) you've come to appreciate that college is simply more requiring than high school or b) you're drunk.

Attention AAAardvark graduates
Are you concerned about the perceived genuineness of your AAAardvark degree?  Don't be.

Check out our exclusive Fake-O-Meters.
Click for Big Boy
Spy real time as Human Resource executives randomly review schools listed on resumes.  You'll see for yourself there's no
finer credential than AAAardvark.

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Thank you for your character and intelligence, thank you for graduating from AAAardvark University, and thank you for scrolling to the bottom of the page.

As a reward, we want you to have a copy of AAAardvark's exciting 12 page Glossary of College Related Terms.  To download, click the exposed knee on the right Venus below.

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