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Absent without notice

Dear Mrs. Estabrook,

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for what happened. In addition, I would like to return the paycheck that you sent me for the final week I was employed by you. In light of the problems I caused for you and your mother I cannot in good conscience accept the check.

Last week when you met me at the hospital you fired me as soon as you saw me. I can't blame you. I only wish I had the chance to properly apologize to both of you before I left. You were justifiably angry, your mom was hysterical and I was so upset I could hardly speak.

I am truly sorry for leaving your mom in the house alone. Call it what you will. I was derelict in my duties, not at my post and not doing the job you hired me to do. I confess. I drove to the fast-food burger restaurant a few blocks away to pick up some lunch. I figured I could slip out unnoticed and eat in the car on the way back before she even knew I was gone. Little did I know I would get caught in a traffic jam due to a three car accident that was blocking the road back to the house.

It was my fault that she fell on the floor and broke her hip. If I had been there like I was supposed to be this accident never would have happened. The traffic jam delayed my return for almost an hour. Your mom was lying there for that entire time in a great deal of pain before I got back and found her. As soon as I unlocked the front door I could hear her calling for me and asking where I was. I could hear the sound of panic and fear in her voice. I'll never forget that sound or the wrong I have done to her. When I called the ambulance it seemed to take forever to arrive and get her to the hospital.

Six months ago you hired me to provide care for your mother in your home while you were at work. The references you checked from my previous employers were excellent. Except for what happened yesterday, I have done a great job of looking after "Miss Jane". You have complemented me and said you were pleased with my work on several occasions.

In my eight years as a home health care worker I have never been absent without notice from my job before now. I made a terrible and serious mistake. I exhibited a lack of judgment that jeopardized your mother's safety and placed her in harm's way.

I hope you both can find it in your hearts to forgive me. I have betrayed your trust. If possible, I would like to regain that trust by coming back to work for you when your mom gets released from the hospital. I have experience in treating this type of injury and feel I would be an asset in her recovery. Besides, I really like "Miss Jane" and we have a good working relationship.

Please let me know if you decide to hire someone else. I wouldn't hold it against you.

With sincere apologies,
Joan Franklin


Arguing with co-worker

Dear Alan,

I want to apologize for the very vicious and public disagreement we had in the office yesterday. You and I have been butting heads ever since you started here four years ago. We have different personalities and different approaches to getting things done. Even so, we never should have behaved in such an unprofessional manner.

Our department always seems to be working on rush projects for corporate. We all feel constantly under pressure as a result. Yesterday our stress induced argument was over a trivial point. It was an easy, simple problem to solve, but the two of us turned it into something major. Just step back and think about our pathetic display of bad behavior.

We never should have let the bad blood between us get so out of control. We must have been a frightening sight to see since somebody felt it necessary to call security. That was a first. When they showed up on the scene I could tell you were as surprised as I was.

Our constant bickering is doing harm to the both of us and the company. It has caused the people in our department to start choosing sides. Consequently, we are unable to work as a real team on projects. We get bogged down and quality suffers as a result. This is not good.

Both of us are intelligent go-getters. However, at this point we are too smart for our own good. We can't keep on with this detrimental behavior. If we do, both of us will end up being fired. Good jobs are too hard to find these days. Besides, it would be difficult to climb the ranks in another organization all over again. It would also be difficult to even get a recommendation under the circumstances of our departure. Who knows how long our careers would be put on hold?

You and I are both family men. If we lost our jobs, think of the damage it would do to our wives and children. Besides the lost income, losing the company health insurance would be devastating.

If we both put on our thinking caps I feel confident we can bury the hatchet and make peace. Why not meet for a game of golf and settle our differences on the green? Alternatively, I'm completely open to any suggestions you may have. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience regarding when and where to meet.

Cooperating and getting along will most certainly help us, the department and, in the bigger scheme of things, the company.




Arguing with family

Dear Linda,

I'm so sorry that we had such a bitter argument when you and Ron came to my house for dinner. We have had our share of tiffs and squabbles over the years, but nothing as vicious as the confrontation that occurred last night.

I thought nothing of it when I asked you to clear the dinner dishes after we finished eating. I always ask you to clear the table and you never seemed to mind. So naturally, I was surprised and disconcerted when you exploded in rage. I couldn't believe my ears when you began reciting a litany of sins you said I have committed against you since you and Rob met and married.

I was angry and indignant over your accusations as to how I have treated you. When Rob jumped into the fray and said I needed to sit down, shut up and listen to you I really got upset. When you finished voicing your list of grievances against me you both got up and left. When I heard the front door slam behind you on your way out I started crying.

For the very first time I took a good look at myself and how unjust and unkind I have behaved toward you. Sadly, all of the charges that you leveled against me are true. In all honesty, I never did welcome you into the family. To my way of thinking you were just a "daughter-in-law", not someone that I could come to love like a "daughter". I never opened my heart and let you in.

I have been not only thoughtless, but selfish in the way I have looked at our relationship. You were right when you said I treated you like a servant. I only thought of you as someone to serve my own needs. You ran errands for me whenever I asked. Each time I had an operation for one problem or another I counted on you to help me. You would clean the house and do my laundry until I recovered. When I was unable to fix my own meals you would make them for me. You made the holidays and other occasions during the year memorable for me and Rob, too.

I would always offer up my feeble thanks, but never return the favors in kind. To make matters worse, you hardly ever get to visit your parents since they live so far away. You must miss them terribly. All these years have past and I have lost the opportunity to be a second mother to you.

I sincerely apologize for the sorry state of our relationship. I finally realize how deeply I have hurt you. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? I hope it's possible. Please do me the honor of coming over for coffee, cake and conversation so we can make a fresh start. I'm confident we can succeed. Just give me a call and let me know when it's convenient for you to come. I look forward to seeing you at my door once more.

With love,



Bad behavior by child

Dear Mom and Dad,

I thought I was old enough to handle my life without your input. It irritated me that you made so many rules. As for all of your advice, I considered it nagging and nitpicking. I felt you treated me like I was six instead of sixteen.

I know now I should have paid more attention to you. I'm so sorry I didn't, because doing things my way has gotten me in real trouble.

When we moved here from Texas I left all my friends behind. When school started I wanted so much to fit in. I worked hard to hang out with the popular kids. I guess I succeeded, but as you told me over and over they're a bad bunch. Finally I can see that.

Whatever they did, I did. I was having too much fun to care about consequences. If they cut class, so did I. If they decided to party, I went with them. My grades went up in smoke. Then I got suspended. You warned me that things would do nothing but get worse. Did I listen? No.

Last night I pushed your patience to the limit . I admit I was driving drunk when the police pulled me over in Dad's car. My friends were drunk, too. It made matters worse that they smart-mouthed the officers. When the police searched the car and found drugs in the trunk I was shocked. Believe me, I had no idea that those drugs were in the car and I don't know how they got there.

Now I have to go to court. I'm worried what the judge will do to me and what my sentence will be. I'm worried I'll have a criminal record that will come back to haunt me.

Promise me that you won't blame yourselves for what I have done. No one could ask for a better Mom and Dad than you two. You've done so much more than just put food on the table, clothes on my back and a roof over my head. As far back as I can remember, you've always been there for me.

I realize now that all your rules and advice were given out of love and concern.

I apologize for my shameful behavior which has brought dishonor to our family. Whatever the outcome, I alone am responsible for my actions. I will accept my punishment from the court and from you.

Mom and Dad, I sincerely want to set things right and move forward in a positive direction. However, I won't be able to do this without your forgiveness and your love. I still need you in my life. Please help me.




Bad service by business

Dear Mrs. Lewis,

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my unprofessional behavior last week.

You were justifiably upset when you picked up your order and discovered the price was higher than quoted. You insisted on paying the quoted amount. I, in turn, insisted you pay the higher price. I thought I had billed the order correctly. It was only later I realized I was wrong.

I never had a customer challenge my authority like this. You stood your ground and demanded to speak to the supervisor. I thought I could resolve the problem on my own and decided not to get my supervisor, Mr. Bailey.

Naturally, you became frustrated when I didn't get the supervisor. While your behavior remained civil towards me at all times, my behavior towards you was not. I noticed the other customers in the store becoming concerned over this altercation. Staff nearby wisely decided to stay out of the fray.

It was at that point I panicked. I felt the best way to settle the problem was to let you take your order for free. I thought it would stop the ordeal from spiraling more out of control. I also hoped it would buy your silence. I figured Mr. Bailey would never hear about what had transpired.

Little did I know that you would come back the next week to speak to him. Mr. Bailey told me about your visit. He said you made sure you came on my day off so you wouldn't have to deal with me at all. He said you told him what happened. You also told him the names of the other employees that had witnessed the incident and could confirm your story.

Then he said that in spite of what had occurred you did the unexpected. You paid the price quoted. You told him you didn't think it was right for me to give you the order for "free". In addition, he said you were convinced that not paying for the order would have ruined what was otherwise a good working relationship with our firm.

I want you to know that the next day Mr. Bailey called me into his office. He read me the riot act and put a written letter of reprimand in my employee file. I deserved his wrath and yours.

Mrs. Lewis, my supervisor didn't tell me to write an apology. My conscience told me it was the right thing to do. You can't imagine how sorry I am for causing you all this needless grief and aggravation. I can see I need to polish up my people skills. It wouldn't hurt to reign in my ego as well.

I'm hoping that once the dust has settled you will forgive me. You are a customer in good standing. We do value and appreciate your business.


Rex Smith


Being a bad parent

Dear Gavin,

Since your mother died two years ago I have hardly seen you. I consoled myself that at least we were talking on the phone from time to time. Now you won't even accept my calls.

I can't believe that our relationship has deteriorated like this. I know you are going to say I only have myself to blame. You are right. I am responsible. I apologize for being a father in name only.

Before we decided to start a family, your mother made me promise that I would always put the interests of our children ahead of my own. Every good parent takes this common sense advice to heart. Your mother very definitely did. She loved you dearly. I know how much you miss her.

While I promised to put you first, I did not keep my word. From the minute you were born my attempts were feeble at best. My passion was my career. The free time I had I spent doing whatever I pleased. Time that should have been spent with you and with your mother as well.

My priorities upset your mother. She didn't want more children treated like this, so you became an only child. Now you know why you have no brother or sister.

Gavin, you tried so very hard to be a part of my life and have me a part of yours. As the years passed and you got older my selfishness continued. I recall one day when you were ten or so. You asked me to play catch in the backyard. I was too "busy" working on my vintage car to stop and play and I said so. You then asked if you could help me with the car. I angrily shouted, "No. Don't bother me!" It was my standard response whenever you wanted a little of my time.

It seemed from then on you pretty much hung out at the Taylor's. Jim Taylor was a terrific Dad. He always made time not just for his sons, but time for you, too. Obviously, whenever you felt you needed a father in your life you went to over to see Jim. It was no surprise you asked him to be best man at your wedding.

I was such a fool. I let Jim take my place. In doing so, I gave away the relationship I should of had and could have had with you. I am so very sorry about this.

Son, I know I have no right to ask for your forgiveness, but I am asking. Please absolve me of my wrongs against you. It would be a great gift, a gift only you could give.

I promised your mother on her deathbed I would set things right between us. We still have time left to heal these wounds. More importantly, time for me to be the kind of father you so richly deserve. Please call.




Being drunk

Dear Phil,

You've seen how much I've been drinking over the past few months. Ever since Kathy broke up with me I just haven't been myself.

Phil, each time we party I end up wasted and you drive me home. You pick me up and take me to my car the next day. I always apologize, and you always fluff it off.

Last night, however, my behavior was out of control. I know I pushed our friendship to the limit. A simple apology over the phone won't cut it, so I'm writing you this letter.

I can't believe I was so drunk that I cussed you out and started throwing punches. It's amazing you got me to your car and took me home. I remember throwing up in the back seat. It's going to cost plenty for professional cleaning, and I insist you give me the bill.

Serious screw-ups would have happened if not for you. I know you've prevented several DUI arrests. Chances are good you've also prevented a car accident, not to mention injuries and even death.

You've patiently tried to help me. You've told me over and over that drinking myself into a stupor only makes things worse. You are so right.

I need to stop and get hold of myself. I've been behaving as if the end of this relationship with Kathy was the end of the world. It isn't. I have alot going for me and I just need to focus on the positive aspects of my life.

I know that if I don't get a handle on this problem I could end up an alcoholic. I don't feel like I'm at the point where I need group counseling, but I'm open to that option if necessary.

I need to stand on my own two feet and stop imposing on you. I hope my bad behavior lately has not ruined our friendship. I sincerely apologize for how I have treated you. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you. In the future, when we get together I'll bring along a six-pack of soda, not a six-pack of beer.

Your friend,



Cheating on spouse

Dear Peggy,

You had every right to slap me in the face this morning as I was leaving for work. When you found the condom and the receipt for the out-of-town motel in my wallet I guess it was plain that I'd been unfaithful. I'm not denying that I cheated on you. I did. I must be the fool of the century. I have jeopardized our marriage and family. I am ashamed and sorry.

You deserve much more than an apology, you deserve an explanation. However, please don't think of the explanation as a way to excuse my behavior. That's just not the case. This brief affair was a result of a problem I have struggled with since hitting my forties. It's no secret to you that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to come to grips with the fact that I'm getting old. It doesn't help that my age is really beginning to show.

The fling was with a young woman at the office. A few months ago she started flirting with me. I was surprised by this, but admit I was also extremely flattered. It really gave my male ego a boost. It wasn't too long before we were sleeping together. She made me feel young again.

Who did I think I was kidding? Your discovering the encounter was just the kick in the head I needed to bring me back to reality. Something like this has never happened before. I guarantee it won't happen again. Believe me when I tell you that I never told her I would divorce you to marry her, and I never, ever told her I loved her.

I also want to reassure you that you didn't do anything to cause me to stray. You have always been a loving wife and a wonderful mother. It was my vanity, my poor judgment and my decided lack of character that caused me to break those vows I made to you on our wedding day. I still consider those vows to be sacred. I hope you will give me the opportunity to prove my love for you once more. A love that has never wavered.

I have broken your trust and broken your heart. I'll do whatever it takes to save our love, our marriage and our family. Please let me try. I hope one day you will forgive this foolish, old man.

With love from your husband,



Dog bite

Dear Celeste,

We want to apologize for what happened yesterday at our house. Nancy and I never expected the dog to attack you when you came by.

Please don't blame Monty for biting you. We were not thinking when we bought such an energetic breed of dog. Even though he was the cutest Doberman puppy we ever saw, he grew up to be a real handful to manage. We didn't enroll him in obedience training when we should have. Neither one of us played with him in the yard or walked him often enough. Monty didn't get the chance to use his stored up energy. To make matters worse he didn't get much affection either. It wasn't too long before we were chaining him to his dog house during the day and locking him in the basement at night.

When the paramedics came we told them that the dog's rabies shot was up-to-date. We are enclosing a Xerox from the veterinarian of Monty's rabies shot to help put your mind at ease.

When we called to see how you were, Carl said the bites on your leg and your hands were quite severe and required stitches. We feel very guilty about what happened. Nancy has been worried sick about you and has been having crying fits. She's afraid this sad event will put an end to the close friendship that the two of you have shared over the years. We hope not.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Perhaps, we can run errands for you until you feel up to driving again. Were there any out-of-pocket expenses? If so, just let us know and we will be happy to reimburse you. We have done a great disservice to people by allowing this dog's behavior to get out of control. This was the first time Monty has bitten anyone and we want to make sure it doesn't happen again.

We believe that Monty is a "good dog" that turned into a "bad dog" through no fault of his own. Nancy and I are determined to set things right. We have signed him up for obedience training. We have made a schedule to be sure he gets playtime, walks and loving attention each day. Hopefully, it's not too late to turn this three year old around. If all our efforts fail, we will try to find the dog a new home. We really do love Monty and hope we won't have to get rid of him.

All we can do is apologize once more. We ask you to please forgive both of us and Monty, too.

Call anytime if you need us. Nancy hopes to hear from you soon.




Feud in family

Dear Henry,

Your call last week caught me completely by surprise. I found it hard to believe you wanted to meet and resolve our differences.

I'm still quite angry and don't want anything to do with you. However, I realize cutting you off and hanging up was rude. So I decided to write this letter.

Since our falling out ten years ago we've done a pretty good job of keeping our bad blood under control. When we've crossed paths at family get-togethers, we've ignored each other-- always staying on opposite sides of the room and avoiding eye contact. It's a sorry state of affairs, but I have come to accept it.

Your call indicated you would like to "rebuild our relationship". I'm sorry, but I am not ready to do that. I still feel the pain and hurt from what you did and said those many years ago. I will always carry those wounds.

Your apology back then rang hollow. It seemed totally insincere. The look on your face and the sound of your voice were dead giveaways. You didn't believe you were wrong at all, did you? I doubt you've ever remotely appreciated the pain you've caused me.

I did my share of soul searching ten years ago and I did some more last week. I cannot find it in my heart to forgive you. I don't care how many times you apologize, I just don't believe you.

Perhaps, you should consider writing an apology letter. It's a good exercise. Put some thought into it. Confess what you did. I don't want to read a lot of platitudes. Write something I can believe. In return, I will keep an open mind when I read it.

Maybe you are truly sorry. Maybe you are the better man since you are trying to make amends. All I can say is you need to prove this by thoughtfully and sincerely apologizing.

In the meantime, I'm very sorry, but I can't deal with a meeting.



Firing long time workers by small business

Dear Tom,

There is no easy way to say what must be said or do what must be done.

We are sorry to inform you that two weeks from today your job here will be eliminated. Additionally, while we would like to advise you that the elimination is temporary, we fear it will be permanent.

This decision is not a reflection on you or the fine work you have done for the company. Far from it-- we are deeply sorry to lose you. You have always been a valued member of the team.

We have tried for several years to avoid downsizing. But now, frankly, we must radically cut staff just to remain in business. And, unfortunately, even more job cuts loom around the corner.

This letter will be received by two dozen others today. To be fair, some of the recipients will be family members.

The associates that remain will be under increasing pressure to pick up the workload from the eliminated positions. It is not a pretty picture. We are worried that this decrease in staff may affect our quality of service. We hope not. We depend on our reputation for excellent customer service and losing it would be the final nail in the coffin.

As you know, our father started this company at the end of World War II when he got out of the military. He and my mother put their heart and soul into the business. They weathered a lot of bad economic times and never once had a lay-off. My brothers and I feel we are letting them down today, as well as letting you down.

Again, we apologize for the loss of your job and your livelihood.

Please stop by our office when you come to pick up your last paycheck. We would like to deliver it to you in person, along with several letters of recommendation.

While it is never easy to say good-bye, it's important for us to see you and express our thanks for your years of outstanding and loyal service.

As always,

Joe, Kenny and Bob Knight


Inappropriate personal information on the Internet

Dear Mr. Adams,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for explaining why Ford High School was unable to hire me for a teaching position in the English department. You did me a great service when you told me my background check turned up some very inappropriate and damaging personal information on the Internet.

The information in question was posted during my college days many years ago. I actually forgot it was there. Since you brought this to my attention I have removed all of the offensive items you spoke about.

I shudder to think of what would have happened if you had hired me and a student or parent Googled my name. They would have seen photos of me drunk and behaving like an idiot at frat parties. Worse, they would have read the sexually explicit material I authored about women.

This would have created a host of problems. Damage to me, but more importantly damage to Ford and its fine reputation. The story could have ended up in the newspapers and on the local TV news. Lawsuits would have rained down from the heavens.

Yes, this was a nightmare waiting to happen, whether at Ford High or at some other school. Actually, it's a miracle my online skeletons didn't rear their heads during the eight years I taught at Scottsdale High School.

With all this being said, I would still like to be considered for any future openings in your English department. I performed quite well at Scottsdale. My recommendations and character references reflect this; the test scores of my students do as well.

In point of fact, there is not a single black mark anywhere in my record except for this error in judgment from my past. So, if you could bring yourself to consider this Internet episode a folly of youth, I would be in your debt.

I humbly apologize for placing you in such an awkward position and look forward to your future consideration.


Jonathon Miller


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