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Late personal loan payment
Late rent payment
Lying about background to boyfriend
Lying about gambling
Missing a deadline at work
Parents fighting at children's sports event
Passing on a genetic disease
Shoplifting (charges dropped)
Shoplifting (charges pending)
Spreading rumors
Using obscene language


Late personal loan payment

Dear Graham and Virginia,

It's been almost a year since you two generously lent us $1000. We want to apologize for not paying it back. The agreement was for us to return your money within three months. To date we've made no attempt to pay even part of it.

We're sad to say we still don't have the money. However, we hope to have it soon. We have decided to go through the house and get together items we no longer need and sell them.

This situation is entirely our fault and you two should not have to shoulder our mistakes. For years we have spent money we didn't have and failed to put aside funds for a rainy day. We now see the error of our ways. This irresponsible behavior will stop.

The worst part of this entire situation is what it has done to our friendship. As time passed and the debt was not repaid, we noticed both of you began to avoid us. Now we are not even on speaking terms. You have always been good friends to us and we have damaged that friendship. Please forgive us.

Once we sell our things we are confident we will have the $1000 plus 20% interest to give you. We would like to return the money to you and Virginia over dinner at your favorite restaurant. It would be our treat.

Expect a call from us as soon. Just think, you get your money back with interest and a free dinner. More importantly, we all get an opportunity to rebuild our friendship. We're looking forward to it and we hope you are, too.

Your friends,

Tim and Leona


Late rent payment

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fisher,

We want to apologize that our rent for this month is late. In the five years that we have been leasing from you this is the first time we have missed a payment.

Clay and I owe you not just the rent money, but an explanation. Unfortunately, we had a run of bad luck last month. It was hard to believe. I had an emergency that required a costly trip to the dentist. Then Clay's car needed a new transmission. If that wasn't bad enough, my Mom called and needed us to replace her hot water heater!

We have always tried to be responsible and pay our bills on time, but even with both of us working we live paycheck to paycheck. Like many people these days we have reached the limit on our credit cards. Our last bit of savings went to pay for last month's unexpected emergencies. We can't get a loan either. Consequently, we do not have the money we owe you.

However, we want to assure you that we will be able to pay next month's rent on time.

We have also come up with a plan to pay the month of back rent. We hope it meets with your approval. We would like to take the $900 due you and split it into three equal payments. We will add 10% interest and give you $330 each time.

Would you be willing to accept IOUs? Each would be written out to you with the amount owed. Once we get back on our feet, we will begin paying off those IOUs as quickly as possible. Hopefully, you won't have to wait more than a few months.

If that idea doesn't feel right to you we certainly understand. Perhaps the following solution might work. We know you have several other rental properties. Clay is quite a handyman. I'm sure he could easily manage any repair or maintenance work that needs to be done. He could work independently or with you, Mr. Fisher. In this way, we could work off our debt.

I am ashamed we have to come to you for help. We have no one else we can ask. We are very sorry that we have put you in this situation, especially when you have financial obligations of your own.

Clay and I consider ourselves to be people of good character and worthy of your trust. You can rest assured that we will pay you back. You have our word.

Please get back to us about this matter at your convenience.


Sue Stanton


Lying about background to boyfriend

Dear Miles,

It's been almost six months since we began dating. I have enjoyed every moment we've spent together. Your conversations lately lead me to believe you want to marry me. The thought of us tying the knot makes me very happy. Miles, I adore you.

However, I have not been honest about my background. When we met you told me about yourself and your family. I knew then and there I was "not in your league."

Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me. No other man has been as sweet and kind to me as you. I didn't want anything to spoil our relationship. I believed the only way for me to keep your love was to lie to you. As a result, I lied about my education, my job and my family.

I apologize for misleading you. One lie turned into another and so on. Before I knew it I had fabricated an entirely new life for myself. A life built on those many lies.

At the risk of losing you, I want to take this opportunity to tell you the unvarnished truth. First things first. I only have an associate's degree from community college, not a bachelor's degree in business from the university. For what it's worth, I very much wanted to continue my education until I got my BBA. Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My father needed me to move back home to help care for her.

Second, I am not employed in the accounting department at Provident Insurance Co. Instead, I work at a bar and grill downtown.

The final subject on the agenda concerns the lies I told about my family. My family is not well educated. For the most part, they are hardworking, blue-collar people. There's nothing wrong with that, but they are certainly not the kind of people you know from your country club. I am not a blue blood like you. You come from impressive, socially prominent stock and so do your friends.

Now you know the truth. Now you can understand why I kept making excuses for not meeting your family or having you meet mine. I was terrified of meeting the people in your life who were important to you. I was afraid of saying or doing something that would give me away and expose my lies.

I know all this must come as a shock. Please forgive me. Please call me.

All my love,



Lying about gambling

Dear Faith,

Once again I lied to you and let you down. I'm so sorry for what I did. I told you I would be at Steve's house watching the game. I'm sure you were angry when Steve called and asked for me. Obviously, I wasn't with him. At that point, you didn't know where I was and must have been very worried. It did not help that I deliberately turned off my cell phone.

After I got paid I was feeling lucky. I thought for sure I could double my week's pay at the race track. I thought I had some good horses and made some safe bets. I hoped my winnings would cover a few of the bills we are behind on, but I lost every cent. It makes our money problems worse. I know I promised you I wouldn't gamble anymore. I just couldn't help myself.

The only thing you told me when I got home was that Steve called looking for me. The only thing I told you was that I was at the track. I could see how hurt you were and could hardly hold back your tears. Thanks for not making a scene in front of the kids. I know you weren't ready to talk to me about this, so I thought I would write you a letter.

You were right, I do have a problem and gamble too much. It is the main reason we have all these financial problems. I called today and found out where the local chapter of Gamblers Anonymous hold their meetings. I will be at the next one. I hope this works.

This is the first time I have promised to seek help for my problem. I hope that keeping this promise will help us mend fences. I also hope that if I can stop gambling it will help us mend our finances.

This is not going to be easy and will not happen overnight. I can't do this without you by my side. Please forgive me just one more time.

All my love,



Missing a deadline at work

Dear Mr. Baldwin,

I would like to apologize for the poor performance of my team at the meeting last Friday. The upper management of the Selenium Chemical Corporation were rightly

angered that we failed to deliver the quarterly analysis of the production department.

Since our statistics were unavailable, it was impossible for them to see the positive results brought about by our production strategies. Fortunately, the other teams produced their reports on time. I shutter to think how poorly these managers would have viewed our consulting firm if the other teams had been as negligent as my team.

Since I head the production team, I am responsible for this ineptitude. I sent a sincere apology to each of the SCC managers in attendance. In those apologies I assumed full responsibility naming myself as the guilty party.

You have my assurance that I will not put the firm at risk like this again. I also do not feel the rest of my team should be held accountable for this disaster. Only two individuals are to blame. One is myself, and the other Rich Harris. I have never liked micromanaging people working under my direction. However, when I saw that Mr. Harris was falling behind on his portion of the work, I offered my assistance. He declined my help, as well as rescue attempts from other team members. He gave me his word his work would meet deadline. I made an error in judgment. I should have insisted he deliver safely in advance of the meeting.

I have had a closed door meeting with Rich regarding this matter. I told him I was informing you of the part he played in this fiasco. In addition, I have placed a written reprimand in his personnel file. If you wish to write a reprimand about my part in this I would certainly understand.

While this failure made the entire team look incompetent, nothing could be farther from the truth. Thus, I felt strongly that apologies to the rest of the team were in order. I thanked them for their work, which was solid and on time. I told them I explained everything to you and that you would not take them to task for what happened. I asked them to forgive me for not keeping a better eye on Rich.

I hope the measures I have taken to rectify the problems created by this incident meet with your approval.

Aside from this embarrassing episode last Friday, the management seems pleased with the consulting work we have done thus far for SCC. I'm firmly convinced that absent additional faux pas our contract will be renewed next year.


Clinton Walker


Parents fighting at children's sports event

Dear Pete,

I owe you and your son, Paul, a very big apology. When I step back and examine my behavior at the kid's baseball game yesterday I can hardly believe what I did.

My remarks were hurtful and abusive. It seemed at the time Paul was deliberately trying to hit my son, Matt, with his pitches. When a pitch did hit Matt in the leg, my verbal attacks escalated. I see now it was just an accident. Paul was just having a bad day out there on the mound.

I knew you were Paul's father when you asked to talk things over. You were trying to be a good Dad and protect your son from my unwarranted outburst. I feel so ashamed that I grabbed you by your shirt and punched you in the face.

I'm lucky coach Davis stepped in and insisted that Matt and I go home.

My son has barely spoken to me since this happened. He is going out of his way to avoid being in the same room with me. He's angry and embarrassed by what I did, and refuses to finish out the season. I can't say that I blame him. Maybe he will decide to play on the team next year and we'll both get a fresh start.

I have no right to ask you to help me set things right, but I hope you will. In fact, I'd be very obliged. Would you and your son meet with Matt and me? Your choice of time and place. Just give me a call.

I lost sight of the many good reasons why parents want their children to participate in sports. The kids learn much more than the rules of the game. They get exercise and grow to value physical fitness. They make new friends and learn team play. Most importantly, they come to understand the true meaning of good sportsmanship-- fairness, courtesy and being a good loser.

I was not an example of what it means to be a good sport. I wasn't behaving like an adult, and I certainly fell short of being a good father. This is why I hope you will agree to meet. I want our sons to see with their own eyes the proper way to make amends when you've committed a grievous wrong. I want to look the three of you in the eye, speak my piece and shake hands.

I'm hoping all of you will accept my apology and forgive me. If you do, it will go a long way in helping us put this dreadful incident in the past. Perhaps next season we will all be able to enjoy the true spirit of the game.


Bruce Silverman


Passing on a genetic disease

Dear Pamela,

Your mother and I were devastated when you called to say you had been diagnosed with diabetes. We are very sorry that this chronic illness has come into your life.

At this point in time we don't know much about diabetes. However, we do know it is genetic. After talking to you we called every relative we could track down. It was only after going back a couple of generations that we discovered diabetics on my side of the family tree. Your Mom and I had no idea. We were absolutely shocked.

My dear daughter, I feel overcome with guilt. It pains my heart to know that I am responsible for passing this disease on to you. I am so very sorry. We can't help but wonder if your brother and sisters carry the gene for this as well. We can imagine how worried you and Bill must be about having children and what might happen to them.

No one deserves this. You do not deserve this. Please never blame yourself for what has happened.

Maybe in your lifetime a cure can be found. Till then, try your best to take good care of yourself. Promise that you will fight this disease and never give up that fight.

Mom and I wish it was possible to lift the burdens of this illness off you and onto ourselves. If we could, we would. Always remember that both of us are in your corner and willing to help you in anyway we can. If you need moral support or a shoulder to cry on just call us anytime.

With all our love,

Dad and Mom


Shoplifting (charges dropped)

Dear Ursula,

This letter has a twofold purpose. First, it's an apology for stealing food from your grocery store earlier this week. Second, it's a heartfelt thanks for not calling the police and having me arrested.

My family and I have been regular customers of your store ever since we moved here from Michigan five years ago. We know the names and faces of everyone who works there. As the manager, you have always been helpful and kind to my family and me.

I never thought I would be put in a situation where I felt it necessary to steal, especially steal food. I never told anyone at the store that I lost my job at Katronics when they closed the company and outsourced their operations to India. I was fortunate to be able to collect unemployment checks for awhile, but those have stopped.

We are scraping by on my wife's salary and I mean really scraping. Like many people these days, our credit cards are maxed out and what little savings we had are gone.

According to the powers that be, my wife makes too much to qualify for food stamps. We use the Claymont Food Bank, but they are not able to provide much help due to the increase demand for their services. Our families back in Detroit are in worse shape than we are, so they can't help. Everyday my wife and I brainstorm to come up with new ways to make ends meet. Clearly, we need to find a better way to solve our problems than resorting to shoplifting.

It's a sad situation all around and our tale of woe is not unique. However, what is unique was the way you and your staff handled the situation when you realized that I was stealing food. I guess I was not as clever as I thought. Apparently, one of the employees saw me put packs of ground beef under my coat and head out the door. Obviously, they called you. When you approached me in the parking lot you simply asked me to give the hamburger back, which I did. Then in a truly gracious gesture you told me you were not calling the police. I'm sure you could see the shame on my face. I appreciate the fact that you didn't criticize or lecture me in front of the people nearby.

Again, I am very much in your debt for not pressing charges. It's been a nightmare trying to find another job. Having a shoplifting charge on my record would make obtaining employment near impossible.

I hope that by next time I see you and the staff you will have forgiven me for this terrible mistake. Thank you for giving me a break when I really needed it. I promise I will always pay for my groceries in the future. See you soon.

Very sincerely,

Craig Londre


Shoplifting (charges pending)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Whitcomb,

You caught me stealing in your gift shop yesterday. Even though I saw the sign in the store window stating that all shoplifters would be prosecuted, somehow I thought I wouldn't get caught. I didn't think a small store like yours would have a security system, but it did.

It wasn't too long after I slid the music box into my purse that the police came. When the police arrested me they said your surveillance camera had a clear shot of me stealing. Of course, their search of my purse produced the stolen merchandise. I was stunned. I didn't know what to say when they read me my rights and took me in.

After being charged at the police station, I had plenty of time to think about what I did. I am truly sorry for stealing from your store. That music box was expensive. If I had gotten away with stealing it, I would have been taking money out of your pocket and food off of your table. I don't believe I could have been so insensitive as to how this would effect you.

I am a single mom with a young daughter. I'm glad she is not old enough to understand the terrible wrong I committed against you. Regardless of a child's age, engaging in shoplifting certainly sets a bad example, especially when it's done by a parent.

The music box was going to be a present for my little girl's 6th birthday next week. I couldn't afford to give her a party and invite her friends, so she was already disappointed. I thought the music box would be just the trick to brighten her spirits.

In a way, I'm glad you caught me. Getting caught made me stop and think about what I could do to make it a special day without giving a gift I couldn't afford. Then it hit me, the most precious gift I could give would be my time and attention. Too bad all of this didn't occur to me before I stole the music box.

In closing, I would like to assure you that this is the first time that I have shoplifted and it won't happen again. If you could see your way clear to drop the charges against me I would be most grateful. However, if you decide not to drop the charges I certainly understand. I do deserve to pay for my crime.

Again, please accept my apologies.


Kristina Washington


Spreading rumors

Dear Rita,

Alice was furious when she showed up at my door today. She told me to stop telling the rumor about you. She said it had spread to everyone in the neighborhood and all evidence pointed to me as the instigator. She was correct. This malicious gossip was started by me.

I saw a man going into your house everyday for the last week. I didn't recognize him or the car he was driving. He always arrived an hour or so after your husband, Lenny, left for work. I found it even more suspicious that your "visitor" was long gone before Lenny came home. I assumed you were cheating on your husband and having an affair right under his nose.

It struck me as despicable and I told everyone about it.

You and your family are new to the neighborhood. Consequently, I know very little about you. Even so, I had no right to spread tales about you. It doesn't matter if what I thought was true-- it was simply none of my business.

Alice said there was a simple explanation. She said she had talked to you several times since you moved in. She said you were excited about your brother coming to visit. Your brother, Ross, lives in Arkansas and you hadn't seen each other in years. Unfortunately, Ross and your husband never got along. Alice said you had planned the visit so the two wouldn't run into each other. She also said your husband agreed it would be better for your brother to visit while he was at work.

Naturally, when I heard this I felt like a complete and utter fool.

According to Alice, you are clueless about the gossip and who is responsible. This is why I'm admitting my guilt and offering my earnest apology. I'm sure you are shocked, angry and very hurt.

I am heartsick about what I have done. I have unjustly attacked your character and your good name. By accusing you of betraying your husband, I have caused other neighbors to think poorly of you. I have taken what was supposed to be a pleasant family reunion and turned it into something painful.

By the time you read this letter I will have called the other neighbors and apologized for the lie I had told. I want you to know that I have learned my lesson. I vow to keep my nose out of other people's business.

Please try to remember that the neighborhood has more people in it like Alice, and less people like me. Alice is not just a good neighbor to have, but a fabulous friend. I would do well to follow her example.

As it turned out, it is my behavior that is despicable, not yours. To expect you to forgive me would be asking too much, so I'm not even going to ask.

Again, I apologize most sincerely.




Dear Doug,

I am the person responsible for stealing your watch yesterday. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed. I'm not up to returning the watch in person, so I decided to put it in a padded mailer with this letter and leave it on your desk when you weren't there.

I always envied your watch, a watch I could never afford. I don't really know what came over me. When I saw it on your desk I just picked it up, put it in my pocket and walked away.

Later I heard you frantically searching your cubicle and asking if anyone had seen your watch. You said you were eating lunch while working, had spilled soup on the cuff of your shirt, and took the watch off so you wouldn't damage it while cleaning up in the restroom. You said that when you returned the watch was gone.

I asked myself, "What's the big deal?" It's an expensive watch, but just a watch. I figured if you could buy one like that, you could probably afford a replacement.

Before the end of the day you made up a flyer about your watch and gave copies to everyone in the department, including me. In the flyer you said the watch was the last gift you'd received from your father before he died. You said your Dad was a man of modest means and had put aside money for over a year to buy it. The watch was engraved and proudly given in honor of your 50th birthday. You offered a reward and said no questions would be asked if the watch was returned.

When I read the flyer I was overcome with guilt. Little had I realized what the true value of that watch was to you. I couldn't concentrate on my work for the rest of the day. I knew I had to do something to fix this mess, but didn't know what. I wanted to return your watch right then and there, but I didn't have the guts.

At the end of the day I packed it in and went home. It was only then that I took the watch out of my pocket. I turned it over and read your father's touching sentiment.

I debated returning the watch anonymously and without an apology letter. I decided against it, because you would have looked at everyone at work with distrust and suspicion. You are good friends with many people here. I would hate to see you unjustly think any one of them had stolen your watch.

It's hard to believe I could be this old and think I have a right to steal someone else's property, much less steal something with such sentimental value. I'm begging you to please forgive me for all the grief I have caused.

I don't deserve any favors, but I would very much appreciate it if you kept all this under wraps.

With deep regret,

Ralph Anders


Using obscene language

Dear Ward and Harriet,

I again want to apologize for my use of profanity at the neighborhood barbecue you graciously hosted last weekend. Lisa and I just moved here a month ago. Your party was a good opportunity for us to meet everyone. Clearly, I did not make a good first impression.

I'm sorry I put you in a position where you felt compelled to ask me to leave. I do not hold that against you. You had other guests and their families to consider. They were justifiably upset by the vile language spewing from my mouth.

I have no excuse whatsoever. I can't lay blame on having "one beer too many." I only had two beers the entire afternoon. To be honest, my constant cursing and carrying on is the result of a longstanding bad habit.

I had a decent upbringing and a good education. I have a rich vocabulary. There is no reason for me to resort to constant "four letter words". When I'm in a social situation I always start out being able to control my bad language. It usually doesn't take long before I'm back at it and cussing like a sailor. Unfortunately, my previous attempts to straighten up have been halfhearted and unsuccessful. I need to find a better way to break the hold of this atrocious habit. A habit that I have been too lazy to aggressively address.

I have offended young and old alike. I have repeatedly hurt, angered and embarrassed my wife. As you can imagine, my crude behavior makes it nearly impossible for us to socialize very much with friends or family.

I'm ashamed I've been so rude. Obviously, my constant use of coarse language shows a serious lack of concern for the feelings of others, my wife included. I guess I need an old-fashioned attitude adjustment.

I want you to know that I have committed to solving this problem. Thank you for having the courage to speak up to me. Other than my wife, you are the only person to ever reprimand me. I very much respect you for that.

I hope you and the rest of the neighbors will give me a second chance. Also, please do not hold what I did against Lisa. She very much wants to be a good friend and neighbor. So do I.




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