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About BoxFreeConcepts blends humor, fun and constructive online resources.

Humor and Fun
Just for the fun of it, BoxFreeConcepts hosts three novelty degree mills.  Visitors to BoxFreeConcepts' Magic Mill use automated generators to make personalized novelty documents from seventy-three signature fake universities.  These include detailed diplomas, transcripts and letters of reference.

Using BoxFreeConcepts' You U service, visitors actually create their own fake colleges, called You U's.  Each You U issues a range of bachelor's, master's and doctor's "degrees", and You U diplomas, like those from Magic Mill, are available online for prospective "graduates" around the world.

Visitors can also download a variety of customizable templates for diplomas and transcripts via BoxFreeConcepts' Virtual Diploma Mill.  Templates are used off-line.

In addition to hosting novelty degree mills, BoxFreeConcepts is home to the College Survivor party game as well as three prominent (but entirely imaginary) institutions-- International Association of Fake Universities, American Institute of Achievement and AAAardvark University.

Constructive Online Resources
BoxFreeConcepts is not all fun and games.  The site offers high value content on recommendation, character and apology letters, and hosts VDM Educator Services, a full-service document publisher.

BoxFreeConcepts is also home to a variety of ready to use specialty documents, as well as Certificate Master, the one-stop destination for authentic award certificates.

Based in Virginia, USA, BoxFreeConcepts began operation in 2000.

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