Complete list of fake degrees
Enhancing your educational profile need not mean choosing between credentials

We hear it everyday-- "With so many, it's hard to choose."  "DDS or DVS?"  "MPA or MPE?"  "Choices, choices, choices."  Frankly, the International Association of Fake Universities (IAFU) is disappointed by this either-or thinking.  Where does it say one can't have multiple degrees?  Four?  Certainly.  Nine?  You bet.

Yes, IAFU encourages you to graduate every way you want.  And to prove we mean it we've put everything we offer on a handy check sheet.  Before you matriculate use this tool to easily identify every degree you've ever wanted.  After you obtain your degrees, use it to easily remember you've graduated.

Context for IAFU heavy users

To help you better understand what you're getting yourself into as an IAFU mainliner, we want to take a moment to discuss semantics.  First, let's address the word "real".  It's a designation you see a lot on product packaging, as in these crackers contain real cheese or these chips are made with real potatoes.  Well, to us the "r word" is best left in the snack aisle.  

We like the "f word" better.  It's a term synonymous with efficiency and boldness.  Faking something is faster than actually doing it.  Even weaving tangled webs is quicker.  Faking is what Eddie Haskell did, but Beaver couldn't.  Who was bold in that duo?

Let's move on to "fraudulent".  This is an ugly word.  We've found it's a favorite with the same crowd that calls wild flowers "weeds" and calls puppies "little trouble makers".  IAFU has no time for these individuals and advises you to avoid them as well.

Finally, we would be remiss without mentioning "humbug".  Before Scrooge used the term, it was a nice, funny sounding word, but we're afraid he ruined it by his strong association with ghosts and a crummy Christmas.

Context is important.  IAFU hopes we have imparted the insights necessary for the successful heavy use of our service.

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