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Frequently asked questions
Your degree by mail products are quite unique.  What are they, diploma kits?
No, not really.  We offer kits, but these products are different.  Kits come with sheets of blank parchment.  These products come with special "diploma shells".  The shells are parchment paper with pre-printed color graphics.  Shells also feature hand signatures.
So who does the printing, you or me?
We both do.  Virtual Diploma Mill prints the diploma graphics.  You print your degree information.
How do I print my information?
When your purchase arrives in the mail it includes the web address of our degree text generator. You simply access the generator at that time to input your degree details (Name, School, Grad Date, Major). The generator automatically formats everything for you to print on your shells.
Do I need to download anything to use the generator?
No.  The generator opens in your web browser.
Will it be hard for me to print my information?
Not at all.  Just type in your details. They will automatically be blended with the appropriate diploma text and formatted for you to print.  We even include two plain paper practice shells with each order.  You can print these first to check for typos.
My printer is not the best in the world, will it mess up my diploma?
No.  You are only required to print black text.  Virtually any printer can do a good job with that.
How long will it take my order to arrive?  How do you ship?
We get orders in the mail within 48 hours of purchase.  We use the US Postal Service and send all orders by First Class Mail.  Domestic (USA) orders usually arrive in three to six days after they are mailed.  Overseas arrival varies by country, but most orders take a week to ten days after they are mailed.
How much is shipping?
Shipping is included in the price of USA orders.  An extra shipping charge is applied to orders sent outside the USA. This extra charge varies by country.
Where do you ship?
We ship anywhere.

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