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How did BoxFreeConcepts get started?  Our founders were Management Consultants.  They had tons of experience making certificates and writing recommendation letters.  They saw the web as a new way to distribute such items.

Where did the name BoxFreeConcepts come from?  At the time the site was started in 2000, "thinking outside the box" was a hot consulting paradigm.  Try as they might, the founders could not resist the lure of this jargon when naming the site.  If the site had come about a couple of years later, chances are good it would be called

Most of the things on your site don't have anything to do with consulting.  Where do your product ideas really come from?   We believe in the power of the market and the insight of customers.  We listen carefully to whatever customers say and add products suggested by them.

Let me get this straight, you're attributing your hodgepodge of products to your customers?  Yes. We have a lot of downloads and 97.063% of them were customer ideas.

Why are some pages funny while other pages, like this one, aren't?  When we do new content, we flip a coin.  Funny, not funny-- the coin decides.  No seriously, the founders had great faith in humor as a communication tool.  They correctly viewed it as an efficient, often painless way to get a point accross.  So BoxFreeConcepts leans heavily on humor to address controversies as well as liven up subjects which otherwise would be rather tedious.

Why are some downloads treated as "novelties" and some not.  This question is asked quite frequently, and the answer is simple.  Depending on one's status, one may very well be able to issue meaningful credentials to others, but not to oneself.  For example, the president of a university can graduate his students and give them each a diploma, but the president cannot give himself a diploma.  Well, maybe he can, but it would be kind of suspect.  Anyway, downloads intended to be self-issued are novelties.  Downloads for making credentials for others are not novelities.  ┬┐Comprende?

And now for some questions that do not warrant long answers.

Will you guys write me a reference?  No.

Do you send catalogs or samples?  No.

Are you licensed by the state to grant degrees?  No, of course not.

Do you offer courses?  No.

Can I get a GED through your site?  No.

My school burned down, can you make me a replacement diploma?  No.

Can I get a job with you?  Submit your resume.  If we need you, we'll let you know.

Can you make a resume for me to submit?  No.

Where is your privacy policy?  Click here

Do you sell frames?  No.  

Security paper?  No.  

CDs?  No.  

When I create a Magic Mill transcript is it entered in Harvard's computer records?  No, we shoot it to Yale.

Why is your site blocked in my country?  We have no idea.

Why does it say "diploma" and not "degree"?   Diplomas are to degrees as report cards are to grades.  The document that signifies your degree is called a diploma, just as the document that lists your grades is called a report card.

Do you have a mailing list that you sell?  No.

Do you package malware or other add-ons with your downloads.  No.

How much do you charge to edit letters?  We do not write or edit letters.

Where are you located?  Richmond, VA

How can I contact you?  Click here

Are the payments for your products one-time charges?  Yes.

How many documents can I make for the download fee?  There is no limit.

Why are your prices so reasonable?  We're here for the long haul.  We don't expect our nut for the month from one sale.

What appears on the credit card statement when I make a purchase?  BOXFREE

Where do your designs come from?  Many are adapted fom our archive of original documents, some of them 150 years old.  Others are completely new creations.

Do your downloads work on a Mac?  Using our downloads has nothing to do with your operating system.  It's merely a question of having software on your computer that can open .doc, .rtf or .pdf files.

What can I do if I want a product not shown?  All of the items we offer are shown somewhere on the site.

Do you have a phone verification service?  No.

Do you give advice?  Generally no.

Can I re-publish your content?  Only with permission.


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