Timeline Developments in Higher Education Developments in Fake Higher Education
1000-1100 The idea of the university takes shape in Paris and Bologna
1100-1200 Oxford University is founded Adam and Eve University opens in Patterson, New Jersey
1200-1300 Cambridge, Montpellier, Salamanca and Coimbra Universities are started
1300-1400 Universities begin in Prague, Krakow, Vienna and Heidelberg Friars of Abbey Carpatunnello forge educational documents
1400-1600 Universities spread throughout the Holy Roman Empire, central Europe and Scandinavia Carl "Schnell Troken" Gutenberg, distant cousin of Johannes, prints fake diplomas
1600-1800 Universities begin in Peru, Mexico and what are now the United States and Canada
College campus opens in Boston
P. O. Box
1800-1900 University of Berlin adopts model of free inquiry. Universities begin in India, Australia and Japan. Oberlin becomes first coed college. Land Grant College Act spurs new universities across US. Brain surgery performed by doctor with degree from Turpentine University (1882). Southern Association of Revered Institutions (now IAFU) begins (1890).
1900-2000 Ballpoint pen invented (1938). G.I. Bill of Rights enacted in US (1944). Educational Testing Service starts (1947). Non-animal parchment invented (1949). By 1990, 3500 colleges exist in US. Fake diplomas hanging in the District of Columbia top 10,000 (1936). Fake degrees exceed real ones worldwide (1980).




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