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We firmly believe when one is availing oneself of a free fake degree, one should sit back, relax, smile and above all enjoy not having to deal with libraries.  Nevertheless, we're aware some people are contrary by nature.  They insist on reading, writing and rigorously researching even when the degrees they're getting are completely bogus.  While we'll never understand this strange compulsion to pay sales tax on a free lunch we went ahead and built an online research library for these "Masters of Masochism".

So, if for some weird reason you insist on writing a research paper, these resources will make your arduous task easier.  If, for a different weird reason, you're just here to pay homage to the big, wide world you live in, feel free to use the resources "for the heck of it".  We wouldn't want to stand between you and pointless tedium.

IAFU Research Manager

Tools and resources for research papers

American History Digital Collection - 9 million items

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Google Scholar - Search papers, theses and other scholarly literature

Guide to Computer Science - Find tutorials, software and algorithms

HighWire Press, Stanford University - 2.4 million full text life science articles

How to Write a PhD Thesis

Learn about Business - 109 courses in business and management subjects

Legal Information Institute (LII) - Legal resources and law search

Master Cooking Techniques - 64 instructional videos from the Culinary Institute of America

MIT Course Materials- 2,340 undergraduate and graduate courses

Multimedia Music Dictionary

Online Books - 50,000 works in various formats

OpenThesis - Search theses and dissertations

Opera Synopses

Physics, Astrophysics and Astronomy Calculators

PubMed - 27 million medical citations, including many full-text articles

ScienceDirect - Over 614 open access journals

Statistics from the US Census Bureau - Economic, social and political data

Teaching Resources

U. S. Government Machine Readable Datasets

Virtual Telescope

Visual Lexicon - 461 art terms

Web Museum - 200 portfolios

Writing a Research Paper - Step-by-step suggestions plus guides to MLA and APA formatting

Academic ceremony and costume guide

More resources - 8,800 libraries and library-related links

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