Custom Document Template* 
No matter your program's size, mission or scope a VDM EdServ Custom Template makes it simple and affordable to award professionally designed documents.
  • Fully customized diplomas or certificates-- designed to reflect the unique character of your school or organization.  Artistically crafted with your involvement and review. 
  • Easy to use-- open in Adobe Reader, type details and print
  • Flexible--  change any information that's not permanent artwork
  • Cost effective-- create and print unlimited free documents using your own printer
Features and specifications
Terms and conditions
Design process
Ready to use certificate templates
Features and specifications

8 1/2 x 11 inches.  Landscape or portrait.

File type
.pdf file for Adobe Reader

Template layout includes:
  • Permanent graphics
    Banner, crest or logo, award insignia, watermark and/or borders
  • Body text
  • Changeable data
    Internal divisions (e.g., School of Science, Center for International Studies); degrees, certifications or awards; honors, majors or other special information; participant name; award date; and up to 4 titles for signatures
  • Space for adhesive seal

Custom layout, lettering and coloring for school or organization name.  Can include location.

Seal, crest or logo
Artistic integration of official seal, crest or logo as part of banner and/or watermark.  If your school or organization has no official graphic we will be pleased to create one for a separate fee.  Alternatively, your diploma or certificate can be designed without a graphical image.

Watermark (background image)
Custom design incorporating institution name, location, motto and/or seal, crest or logo.  Colored with any tint.  Can be located anywhere on document and be any size.

Body text
Specific to your submission, or allow us to compose.  Available in a variety of fonts.

*Terms and conditions

This service is restricted to the authorized agents of formal or de facto schools, organizations, institutions, programs or other entities engaged in educating, training, certifying, inducting, honoring, or otherwise recognizing actual students, members, honorees, attendees, or other similar participants or recipients.  VDM Educator Services does not design templates solely for the use of individuals.  All text submitted for non-English language documents must be accompanied by a verifiable English translation.  Customers of VDM Educator Services may charge normal and reasonable fees for issuing the documents they generate, but may do so only in conjunction with other, greater services they provide.   Mere resale of documents is prohibited.  Under no circumstances will VDM Educator Services honor requests to design templates for counterfeit documents.  VDM Educator Services reserves the right to deny service for this program.
Design Process

1- Complete questionnaire and submit.  We'll review your information and get back to you (usually within 72 hours).  If it is mutually agreeable to proceed, we will bill you the nonrefundable fee.  See fee schedule below.

2- Upon payment, we will develop a preliminary design of your diploma or certificate (usually within four business days) and email it to you (as a .jpg image file) for review of the artwork and general layout.

3- Review the design and get back to us.  If changes are needed, we'll make them and forward a free redesign (usually within in four business days).  Sometimes a free second redesign may be necessary.  In the rare instance even more fine-tuning is required it will be subject to a minimum additional fee of $75 per iteration.

4- Upon your acceptance of the design, we will collect any additional information you want included in your template.  We will then use this information together with the approved design to build your actual template (.pdf file).  Usually within four business days we'll have the template file to you for your review.

5- Open the file, test it and create/ print sample documents.  Get back to us.  If changes are needed, we'll make them without charge (usually within in 72 hours).  Sometimes a free second round of changes may be necessary.  In the rare instance even more fine-tuning is required before final approval, it will be subject to a minimum additional fee of $75 per iteration.


One Time Fee

  • Document design (artwork and layout) and template creation  $400
Other Fees
Changes after final approval
  • Artwork   $75 minimum
  • Layout   $50 minimum
Changes before final approval
  • Non-English language translation verification    $50 minimum
  • Redesign fee (see above)
  • Additional custom features   (contact us for estimate) 

All billing is done electronically via  Use VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.  Payment must be received in advance of work.  All payments are nonrefundable. ready to use certificate templates and other document downloads

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