Take advantage of Magic Mill's innovative delivery system and get TWO deluxe novelty diplomas for just $20.95 (including shipping)

For just $20.95 we'll rush you two hand signed diploma shells featuring outstanding color graphics on best quality 65# diploma parchment.  We'll also rush two hand embossed seals (in your choice of colors), plus the internet address of Magic Mill's private web-based text generator.
When your purchase arrives in the mail, access the special generator and input your name and degree information.  Then print the perfectly formatted black text on one of your shells.  Attach a pre-embossed seal and you'll have in your hands a complete, truly deluxe novelty diploma.  Repeat, changing any details, and you'll have two.
You'll find these novelty degrees are superior in every way, and you'll find the innovative delivery system is a smart idea.  Because you do the work of entering and printing your degree information, Magic Mill can concentrate full-time on bringing you product features.  Great features like carefully crafted designs complete with watermarks, state of the art color graphics printing, 48 hour order processing, and free shipping.
Bottom line-- with the Magic Mill system you get highest quality documents at an amazing price.  Not one, but two for just $20.95.


Southern States

St. Cunnilingus

Upstairs on the Right


Deluxe Switch-Hitter 

Use for any fake university

Mix and match diplomas from Magic Mill's most outrageous institutions or get the deluxe "Switch-Hitter".  With the Switch-Hitter, make your degree from any Magic Mill school or simply type in a fake university you dream up.
Specs and features
  • 8 1/2 x 11 inches, landscape
  • 65# diploma parchment
  • Individually hand signed
  • Any degrees and majors
  • Include honors
  • Digital color printing
  • Embossed foil seals (red or gold)
Price per 2
  • USA   $20.95
  • OUTSIDE USA   Contact us for pricing
  • Free
  • Orders processed within 48 hours
Ordering:  Include address when making payment, then continue to selection page.  Mix and match in any combination or get two of the same.
Shipping: Orders are processed and put in the mail within 48 hours of purchase.  Orders are sent as USPS (United States Postal Service) First-Class Mail to addresses within USA.
Terms and conditions:  By clicking the purchase button you agree to limit use of this product to activities solely related to entertainment.  In the case of the Switch-Hitter, you specifically agree that all "educational institutions" typed into the text generator will be limited to fictional entities.  Make Switch-Hitters with college names of up to approximately 35 characters including spaces.  ALL PURCHASES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.
To USA address
Two Novelty Diplomas
Live outside USA?
Contact us for pricing

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