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Odds and Ends

Verified University Degree Documentation Service

Magic Mill is the official online documents publisher for the International Association of Fake Universities (IAFU) and its member institutions.  To access our discreet service for exclusive liberal arts colleges click here.

Issuance of diplomas, transcripts and letters of recommendation from IAFU members is contingent on visitors meeting IAFU Standard Graduation Criteria.  Please be sure you qualify before generating documents.

In case it is not otherwise apparent, "Magic Mill- Create a fake college diploma" is a humor website.  Similarities between names used and names of actual universities are for satiric purpose. Documents are presented for their novelty value alone.  No personal information is collected, sold or otherwise used.  Privacy Statement

We believe Magic Mill diplomas are the best you'll find anywhere.  This is certainly true of our deluxe novelty diplomas which are available by mail.  Thank you for your confidence in our craftsmanship.

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