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Our Roster of Graduate Schools

Lance Chase School of Law

Daley-Diddler School of Engineering

Robin Folkes School of Business Administration

E. K. Geebers School of Medicine

Goode-Booker Divinity College

Harry Hand School of Dentistry

Ida Klown School of Communication

Knapp-Wright School of Public Administration

Long-Blather School of Arts and Letters

Sheesha Mister School of Physical Education

Penn-Zelnik School of Science

Crayola Smith School of Education

Z. Stanford Zorro College of Surgery

We stick by you all the way

Did you know listing one of our degrees on your resume entitles you to special FREE panic abatement the night before a job interview?  Yes that's right, just come back the night before your interview and click the Magic Mill

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Diploma Printing Tips

Set printer to PORTRAIT for diploma with ribbon and/or IAFU certification.  Otherwise set printer to LANDSCAPE.
To print sheepskin set print range as PAGES 1 TO 1.  Print as PORTRAIT.  Set all page margins to 0.5".

When printing diploma or sheepskin check that HEADER and FOOTER boxes are empty in browser page setup.

From the lab: alternative diplomas

We like to keep visitors ahead of the curve so we teamed with the scientists at Rocket College to explore 21st century alterntives to traditional diplomas.  After many months of  development we're now ready to beta test the first product.  It's a nifty combination diploma/rocket called the Flying Fake University Certificate. To beta test click here.  

Misguided mallards in the Magic Mill pool

Brainy math question: how many Magic Mill diploma variations are there from any one university?  Answer: 2,508,800

(13 graduate schools + no graduate school) x 20 degrees x (55 majors + no major) x (3 honors + no honors) x (ribbon + no ribbon) x 5 motto options x (certification + no certification) x (campus depiction + seal) = 14 x 20 x 56 x 4 x 2 x 5 x 2 x 2 = 2,508,800.  Let's face it, that's almost as many diplomas as your brother-in-law has.

Secrets of the process revealed:  the sheep dip

The most frequent question we get at Magic Mill isn't "do you guarantee results?" or "how long will people stay fooled?"  The most frequent question is "why do the diplomas go into the pond?"  Well, first of all, now that we're an e-business we no longer actually manufacture diplomas.  Instead we deliver them electronically over the internet.  Second, it wasn't

a pond, it was a pool-- a pool of exotic chemicals held in delicate balance.  Now as far as "why," the pool was where we worked our magic.  It was there that we transformed cheap, ordinary paper into sheepskin.  The process, which lasts about two hours, is known in the trade as a "sheep dip".  It's still used today by the few remaining brick and mortar degree mills.

We invite you to see for yourself what a difference a dip makes.  Check out our demo, then feel free to create your own electronically simulated sheepskin using the FREE and EASY Magic Mill E-Dip.

Add the beauty and prestige of sheepskin to your diploma: FREE and EASY E-Dip

Follow these easy steps to create your Magic Mill E-Dipped Diploma: 1) choose tannage and generate electronically simulated sheepskin, 2) print sheepskin, 3) create diploma, 4) print diploma on simulated sheepskin instead of blank paper.

Ewe Sheepskin  (1245x1248, 74KB)
Ram Sheepskin  (1245x1248, 76KB)

It's official: independent survey of HR executives rates Magic Mill "Most likely to deceive"
We're understandably proud, but don't want to spend a lot of time crowing or boring you with the details.  Suffice it to say 2018 marks the 141st anniversary of this annual research, and we've held the top spot every year except 1887 and 1919.  '87 was due to bad problems with the ink man.  In '19 we were caught off 

2018 Golden Deceiver Award

guard by a shady upstart who bombarded personnel offices with mechanical pencils, trashy novellas and other bribes.  Tisk, tisk. 
Hypothetically speaking: from 10th grade to DDS?
Matthew has looks and talent and thought he'd make it as a recording artist, plus he hated his Geometry teacher.  So he didn't finish high school.  Now he's 26, and after several years of indecision he's "into dentistry".  Should Magic Mill award Matthew a Doctor of Dental Surgery?  He really, really wants one.
Vote "yes" and you not only help Matthew, you get a free fake high school report card template.*

Vote "no" and you get nothing, except the smug satisfaction of crushing a dream.
*Product automatically downloads when "yes" is clicked.  On some browsers a password box may appear, click "cancel" to continue downloading.  Save product to your computer and open in Microsoft Word.  By  downloading, you agree to use product for entertainment purposes only.  You specifically agree not to enter names of real schools.  You also agree not to redistribute product through any medium, online or off.

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