Magic Mill

Small Private Colleges

Our Roster of Private Liberal Arts Colleges

Anal Retention Institute

Blue Plasma College

Bow Tie College

Cotillion College of the Cracked Mirrors

Dividend College

Dunk-A-Townie College

Flame King College

Founding Uncles College

Gentleman's C College

Histrionics College

Hole Eighteen College

It's Not Mine College

Lead Hymen Seminary

Magnanimity Institute

Mary Vapors College

Nepotista Academy

Oh Daddy! College

Our Brother Brooks College

Petrified Dollars College

Princess Institute

Ridicule Academy

Sneer, Sniff and Snort College

Tara College

Wayward Blackball Academy

Wild Lush College

If you value snob appeal we'd like to recommend a Bachelor of Arts degree from one of our exclusive private fake colleges.

Real schools this rarefied charge $30,000 a year just for textbooks. But that won't stop us from awarding these diplomas completely FREE to our most discerning visitors.

We feature only the crème de la crème

Fine fake academies like

Founding Uncles College

and Flame King College

Just keep in mind- with an offer this outstanding there's no time to dawdle.  Create your diploma NOW!

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