Need convincing?

Read these genuine fake testimonials.  You'll agree Magic Mill rules.
I never made more than $7.50 an hour.  Then I got my Magic Mill diploma.  Within a month I was at the helm of a Fortune 500 company. - K.B. 
I'd received several fake degrees in the past.  You know, the run of the mill kind.  Never got me anywhere.  Then I got my Magic Mill diploma in Law.  Next thing you know I'm on the dream team out in California.   All I can say is "If it ain't tony, it must be phony!" - P.K.
I just love the opposite sex, and I love variety.  I find my deck of Magic Mill diplomas most useful.  I keep a half dozen in my briefcase for flashing in bars, and another ten or so out in the car.  Talk about your magic, the proof is in the puddin'. - D.Y.
I was diagnosed psychotic at age six.   For twenty years I heard voices and did very strange things.  Nothing helped, not drugs, not shock therapy, nothing.  Then last week I got my Magic Mill diploma in Psychiatry.  I cured myself in less than hour. - F.Z.
I was a victim of diploma creep at the office.  First, Joe and Deb with BA's, then Frank with an MS.  I felt left behind with my associate degree from community college.  Then I found Magic Mill.  Now I'm top dog-- the only employee with a Doctor of Divinity diploma! - R.M.

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