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*Terms of Service: Welcome to Verified University Degree Documentation Service (VUDDS).  "Verified University" is one of seventy-three International Association of Fake Universities (IAFU) certified "schools" featured by Magic Mill on its satiric web site.  The digital products offered on this page are intended for use by visitors who have either 1) chosen Verified University for their Magic Mill "diploma" and/or "transcript" or 2) purchased a novelty download from among those listed here.  Reports created by the digital products offered on this page allow such visitors the opportunity to further "document" their "Verified University degree".  In case it is not otherwise apparent, VUDDS is not a verification service for real degrees or institutions, and the reports generated by the digital products offered on this page do not in anyway verify educational achievements.  Instead, they are made available purely for their novelty value.  Any similarity between report elements (year, GPA, ID number, location, etc.) and the contents of actual educational records is coincidental.  By clicking a "Method" above you agree to 1) limit your use of the VUDDS digital products offered on this page, and any reports generated by them, to humorous endeavors and other harmless activities, 2) indemnify's Magic Mill from any liability associated with your use of the products or reports, including but not limited to any liability arising from a trick or prank you play.'s Magic Mill reserves the right to modify or terminate these products at anytime and without notice.  No personal information is collected, sold or otherwise used.

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