Gag IOU maker.  Today is the first day of the rest of your shenanigans.

Avail yourself of our free printable IOU maker and start raking in the dough.

No matter what you owe, who you owe or why, impress your obligator with a promissory note that says you mean business.

Whatcha want in YOUR wallet?

Cocktail napkin

Magic Mint IOU

Take advantage with Magic Mint
• Makes notes for any amount
• Not currency, not a money order, but ritzy looking
  just the same
• Super convenient, just print and clip
• Also great for non-cash obligations-- case of beer,
  trip to Tahiti, etc.
6 steps to a bodacious personal loan
1- Identify source of cash
2- Pitch offer to borrow
3- Source says "get lost"
4- Assure source you're working through Magic Mint
5- Make IOU
6- Collect cash
Ready for step 5?  Just enter the info for your printable IOU.

Lender's name

Borrower's name
Date due
Amount due
(or item due if non-
cash obligation) 


Please be advised of the following information and caveats concerning this service:  In case it is not apparent, Magic Mint is a humor website.  The gag "IOU" maker is provided solely as a novel form of entertainment.  Your use of this service is at your own risk.  Use for any purpose apart from creating a joke promissory note is prohibited.  By clicking the "Create Your IOU" button you agree to indemnify us from any liability associated with your use of this service, including but not limited to any liability arising from a trick, prank or antic you play, pull or similarly execute.  No personal information is collected, sold or otherwise used.  Privacy Statement

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IOU Checklist

What you owe
__ Chickenfeed
__ Major wad
Who you owe
__ Family
__ Co-workers
__ Neighbors
__ Friends
__ Romans
__ Countrymen
Why you owe
__ Forgetful
__ Temporarily short
__ Tapped like a sugar maple

Figure on some interest

Loan amount
Interest rate (%)
Length (months)

Amount due

Back your IOU with Full
Faith and Credit

Once you've printed your IOU, click button below to print "Full Faith and Credit" on the reverse side.

IAFU Assistance for Struggling Students

Be bold, pay your tuition with Magic Mint

Ask the Count

Harold Bankula answers FAQ

Harold "Count" Bankula
is Magic Mint VP of Finance.  A former mortgage executive, Harold has over 30
years experience in
the lending business.

When someone lends me money do I have to pay them back?   Usually people are expected to pay back money they borrow.  In your case, with your celebrity status, it may be different.  Perhaps your lender feels OK simply giving money away since it's for the star of 
"Moochinator III- The Whining Years".
If I had money I wouldn't need to borrow any.  So how can I pay it back?  That sounds like a personal problem.  One you should take up with your teddy bears at the next committee meeting.
What does date due mean?  Is it anything to worry about?  Date due is the day you're supposed to deliver cash to your lender.  As far as worrying, don't worry too much.  It's not your style.  Besides, it cuts into time you need to spend shopping-- shopping for BenGay and an eye patch.
Is Magic Mint FDIC insured?  No, they're too piddling for us.  We're insured by the same guy you owe money to.  That's why we firmly believe you should stop messing with him, and why, if push comes to shove, we'll take his side in a street fight.
Can I cut a Magic Mint instead of using my charge card?  While you're welcome to do that, we wouldn't advise it.  They might confuse you with Billy Buttons, the four year old in our logo.
What about restaurants?  Yes, but only at Dummy Burger and Captain Leech Seafood.
How about the pizza delivery guy? Sure, assuming he arrives in a UFO and can't contact his shop back on Planet Numbnut.
The cable company just returned the IOU for my cable TV.  What should I do?  Take 'em to court.  Try the law firm of Swindle, Snivel and Densue.  If you lose your case, switch to satellite.  Not as many choices, but they do have your favorite show-- "World's Darndest Didos" on the Shiny Objects Channel.