STAR System

STAR System student record-keeper and report maker is the affordable solution for any school.
• Easy to use
• Makes report cards and transcripts
• High school, college and technical school formats
• Compatible with virtually any grading system
• Generates customized security paper
• Performs wide variety of GPA calculations
• Makes student class schedules and teacher grade reports
• Opens in Excel (Microsoft Office) or Calc (OpenOffice)
• Includes complete instructions and examples
• Available immediately, just download
• $15.00 one-time, all inclusive fee
Using STAR System

Open in Excel (Microsoft Office) or Calc (OpenOffice).  Follow the step-by-step directions to start your student
file(s), enter data and publish documents.  

If your school has more than ten students, we recommend taking advantage of the timesaving features in STAR System's administrator file.

Along with instructions, STAR System includes live samples with pre-filled data.

STAR System screen shot

Student records

The student records stored in STAR System are listed below by type of school and the report(s) they appear in.  You can maintain all of these or ignore any not needed at your school.

School Report
Address (student) All All (1)
Attempted major credits (career) C  
Attempted non-major credits (career) C
Attempted total credits (career) All  
Class location All S
Class rank All Tr
Class size All Tr
Class time All S
College year (e.g., freshman) C R,S
Completed major credits (career) C Tr
Completed non-major credits (career) C Tr
Completed total credits (career) All Tr
Course category All
Course credits All All
Course grade All R,Tr
Course instructor All R,S
Course name All All
Course number All All
Credential awarded (e.g., diploma, certificate) Tc Tr
Credits by category All Tr (1)
Credits required All Tr
Cumulative credits (total for all courses to date) All R,Tr
Cumulative GPA (average for all courses to date) All R,Tr
Cumulative major credits (total for all courses to date) C R,Tr
Cumulative major GPA (average for all courses to date) C R,Tr
Date of birth (student) All Tr (1)
Demographic (up to 5 categories) All
Department (teaching course) C,Tc All
Diploma type awarded (e.g., Academic) H Tr
Document publication history All  
Enrollment date All
Fail All  
File update history All
Gender (student) All Tr (1)
GPA by category All Tr (1)
GPA for attempted courses (career) All  
GPA for completed courses (career) All Tr
Graduation year All Tr
Half year attendance (1st, 2nd) H R
Half year GPA (1st, 2nd) H R,Tr
Honor Roll H R,Tr
Honors C,Tc Tr
ID number (student) All All
Issue date All All
Level, course (e.g., advanced placement) H All
Level, grade (e.g., 12) H All
Major (college) C All
Major credits (total for semester or quarter) C R
Major credits required C Tr
Major GPA (average for semester or quarter) C R
Major GPA for attempted courses (career) C
Major GPA for completed courses (career) C Tr
Name (student) All All
Non-major GPA for attempted courses (career) C  
Non-major GPA for completed courses (Career) C Tr
Notes All  
Other (up to 4 categories) All
Parent/guardian H All
Phone (student) All Tr (1)
Program Tc All
SAT Critical Reading C,H Tr (1)
SAT Mathematics C,H Tr (1)
SAT Total C,H Tr (1)
SAT Writing C,H Tr (1)
Social Security number All All (2)
Term (e.g., Spring 09) C,Tc R,S
Term attendance (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) H R
Term credits (for semester, quarter or other period) C,Tc R,Tr
Term GPA (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) H R
Term GPA (for semester, quarter or other period) C,Tc R,Tr
Year attendance H R,Tr
Year credits H R,Tr
Year GPA H R,Tr
Year of graduation All Tr
Year in program Tc R,C

C college     H high school     Tc technical school
R report card     S student class schedule     Tr transcript
All (1) all except college and technical school transcript
All (2) all except high school schedule and report card
Tr (1) only high school transcript
Student records with no report listed can be kept in STAR System but not published

STAR System and your school

STAR System is highly scalable-- it can be put to work at the smallest of schools or at ones with 1000 students.

Minimum Maximum
Instructors 1 50
Classes 1 250
Enrollment 1 1000

STAR System allows you to keep student records and make reports in three different formats: college, high school and other (technical, professional, trade schools, etc.).  These formats vary based on how often grades are awarded and whether courses are program specific, general or both.

College  Courses last for a semester or quarter and then one grade is awarded; students take general courses but also take courses specific to their major or concentration

High school  Courses last for the school year and grades are awarded at intervals during the school year; students do not have majors

Other (technical, professional, trade schools, etc.)  Courses last for a specified period of time and then one grade is awarded; students take courses courses specific to their program

Choose the STAR System format that matches your school.  If the nature of your school changes you can switch to a different format at any time.

Common types of schools and their recommended STAR System format:

College High school Other
Acting school     x
Adult education program x
Apprentice school     x
Art school x
Bartending school     x
Beauty school x
Bible college x    
Bookkeeping school x
Broadcasting school     x
Business school x
Christian academy   x  
Chiropractic college x    
College x    
Computer programming school x
Computer repair school     x
Correspondence school x
Culinary institute     x
Dental assisting school x
Distance learning college x    
Film school     x
Flight school     x
Foreign language program x
GED preparation school     x
High school x
Home school   x  
Junior college x    
Life experience college x    
Massage therapy school x
Medical assisting school     x
Military academy x
Music school     x
Nursing school x
Online university x    
Optician school     x
Parochial school   x  
Prep school x
Rabbinical college x    
Real Estate school x
Secondary school   x  
Security school x
Seminary x    
Technical institute x
Theology school x    
Tractor trailer school x
Trade school     x
Vocational school x
Welding school     x

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