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Transcript security paper
You can secure your transcripts by printing them on custom security paper created with STAR System.

STAR System converts standard paper into transcript paper by generating backgrounds of words and numbers repeated hundreds of times in tiny light print.

There are four levels of protection.  With each additional level it becomes less likely that transcripts from your school will be vulnerable to alteration or counterfeiting.

• Level 1  Repeats your school’s name 
• Level 2  Repeats Level 1 plus “OFFICIAL” or “COPY”
• Level 3  Repeats Level 2 plus Student ID Number unique to each graduate
• Level 4  Repeats Level 3 plus Document ID Number unique to each transcript sent

Each additional level of security requires a little more time and effort.

• Level 1  Print all your security paper at one time and use for any recipient
• Level 2  Print transcript papers with “OFFICIAL” backgrounds for sending to other schools or prospective employers; print “COPY” versions for sending to students
• Level 3  Print some paper for each graduate
• Level 4  Customize and print each time a transcript is is requested 

If you choose Level 4, we recommend using random numbers for your document ID's.  For your convenience a random number generator is included with STAR System. 

In order to create and print STAR System transcript security paper you must be connected realtime to both a printer and the Internet.

Should you wish, you can also print STAR System documents on blank paper or different security paper you may have.

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