You U
Create your own college.  Your own You U.
We want to issue Magic Mill diplomas from your university.  Not from some school you go to, but from your You U-- a fully functioning fake college that you name.
And when we say issue diplomas, we don't mean 1 or 2.  We mean limitless numbers.  Dozens of free diplomas for you, your family and friends, but with thousands left over for grateful "students" everywhere.
You U's award 20 types of degrees in 55 majors.  You'll beam with pride as you effortlessly "graduate" Economists, Surgeons, Engineers, Attorneys, Mathematicians, Physicists, and many others. 
They come loaded with extras: fake press releases, instant university you can add to any website, membership in the International Association of Fake Universities (IAFU), and more. 
Best of all, You U's are easy to create.  So easy it's downright scary-- all you need is a permissible name and $10.
What you get
How to get
  • Create a permissible name, submit it.

Permissible names

Any words or abbreviations combined with "University", "College", "Institute", "Academy", "School" or "Tech" qualify as a name, except it is impermissible to

  • Use blatant profanity
  • Name a You U exactly after a real institution
  • Exceed 45 characters total, including spaces, and punctuation
  • Infringe on a copyright 
  • Commit an illegal or libelous act
  • Use all capital letters
  • Use characters not common to the English language

Other important program elements

  • The $10.00 fee is a one time cost and is non-refundable
  • Payment of fee is not a guarantee of You U name approval
  • If your You U name is rejected you will be provided 1 or more substitute names
  • You can accept a substitute name OR make 1 free resubmission
  • You can own as many You U names as you like, but each must be ordered separately
  • Approved You U names are installed within 3 business days

Place order for name approval  $10.00

By seeking approval you signify that you have read the complete You U Terms and Conditions

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your own college

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